Customised Boxes

Customised boxes are normally referred to as compact packaging normally used for FMCG products such as toothpaste, cosmetic products, medicines, food products, and also other non-food products. Customised boxes are very much effective when it comes to promotional packaging where most of the part shows the products and their features in a very attractive way.

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These compact customised boxes are highly printable and flexible in nature. This means customised boxes can be customized as per the design and size of the products. A film of plastics can also be added as per the requirement to make the packaging waterproof.

Boxika Packaging is one of the Best Customised Boxes Manufacturers in Panipat. We at Boxika Packaging prefer manufacturing customised cartons which are made up of high-quality recycled carton boards that is coated or laminated to provide an aesthetic appearance to packaging. Our customised cartons are highly durable and customer friendly.

If you looking for a Plain or Printed Customised Carton Box Manufacturer near you? You reached the right place.

Advantages of Customised Carton Boxes:
  • Flexible
  • High Durability
  • Low Cost
  • Low Weight
  • Recyclable and Reusable

Additional Information about why Boxika Packaging for Customised Carton Boxes:

  • High-Quality Product Always
  • Being In-house team, delivers in no-time
  • No Minimum Order Quantity Required
  • Fast & Free Delivery all over Panipat and adjacent areas.
  • Affordable Prices

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